When life gets weird, it’s good to share….

….because pretending everything is fine is lonely and bad for digestion.

Hi, my name is Nicholas and I’m fascinated by what lurks beneath the surface. In ourselves and in the world around us.

I’m not here to argue so let’s get this out of the way: the world is crazy and that’s deeply confusing. Agreed? If not, then you’re the crazy one….

But here’s the thing, it’s always been crazy, and people have always been confused by it. Sad, terrified, hurt, angry, and straight up bewildered. Or worst or all, emotionally numb.

So this blog I’ve hatched, that’s its purpose: to journey through the shadows of the psyche and to share our stories. The ones we might only speak of drunk with a close friend. Or never share at all, not even with ourselves. I call it soul searching with road flares and a shotgun.

Think of it like raking the bottom of the sea then bending over the boat and taking a look at what’s been dredged up. Sound fun? Excellent, then please stay a while.

It takes great strength to be vulnerable and the people who sit and share with me, they are heroic. I call these stories the Reality Is Drunk Interviews, where I talk to real people about specific events in their life when their faith in a fair and orderly reality went POOF!

It’s also where I journal privately and then post it publicly against my better judgment. Trust me on this, I don’t like my compulsion to overshare but I can’t really help it. If I bottle it up too long, I implode then explode. It’s not pretty but I’m trying to turn over a new leaf, so please respect my right to transform into a serene butterfly….

This blog? It’s digging deep to heal and learn things. It’s making non-fiction true again. It’s darkness brought to light. It’s a catharsis of the spirit best done in good company. It’s exploring just how crazy it is to be human.

“Some days, it’s a battle just keeping sane. But here’s the secret: the war isn’t out there. It’s on the inside. But the storm can be tamed by going within with paper and a pen.”

Nicholas B

Feeling experimental? Want to see what your words can do for you? Me too.

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