From self-destruction to self-warrior….

….Like Bradley Cooper sings, maybe it’s time to let the old ways die. To let go of what used to feel good but now only hurts. To reconnect with your wondrous self as Nature intended. To wake up and start writing a new chapter.

Maybe it’s time to understand the past. To heal the present. To live life on purpose.

If you are suffering from the hell of addiction or are trying to help a loved one escape it, this blog is dedicated to you.

Now here’s the thing, I don’t have all the answers to end addiction—but I want to—and this is my journal where I explore the journey.

If you like learning, this is a great place to explore healing and self-awareness. And if you feel called to help others in their darkest times, this page is dedicated to you too, because this field needs all the good people it can get.

“Life can feel like a battlefield but here’s the thing: the war isn’t out there, it’s on the inside. Peace is found by going within. Self-care is the new super-power.”

Nicholas B

A Blog About Feeling Healthy and Coming Back Home


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