Hey guess what? You’re divine. And if you have forgotten this, you’re in the right place. 

I don’t know the cure to addiction but I feel like you do. I can’t understand why we get so self-destructive, but if you explore your whys I think you might. I’m not sure how to overcome the lifelong challenges that dim our light, but I think you can. 

Because you’ve got the answers. You’ve got the cure. It just takes reconnecting. 

This blog is about exploring that. 

It’s also my big hope that my work here will inspire others to enter the profession of addiction treatment. It takes a special kind of person to hang in this kind of work but I promise you that nothing is quite as rewarding. If you’ve experienced addiction, need intensity and drama in your life, have a big heart and nerves of steel, this field is in desperate need of warriors. Because addiction is a battle we aren’t winning, and frankly, I’m over it. 

About me: Hi, my name is Nicholas Blasquez. I’m an associate addiction treatment counselor and lifelong student of wellness and personal restoration.  

I work in a men’s residential rehab house and give it everything I have every day. It’s heavy work and I love it, but it comes with some big frustrations and heartbreak. It seems hit or miss, who gives up on himself and who makes it out the other side.  

The answers of how to break the heavy chains of addiction are elusive, but I know one thing: guilt won’t do it, neither will threats or court orders. It takes inner-work. A restoration of mind, body, and spirit built on self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. Because the path back home is well-lighted; it’s is simple and soul-shaking as committing to a better life. 

My paperwork: 

•Registered Drug & Alcohol Tech

•Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CDAC) – in progress 

•Master’s degree in communication•BA in world history and literature 


-expressive art therapist 


-kettlebell coach 


If you’ve got a good story of overcoming addiction I’d love to hear it. Otherwise check out the blog.

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